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Commercial Real Estate

Our attorneys have decades of experience handling commercial acquisitions, dispositions, financing, management and leasing of all types of commercial real estate including multi-family, mixed use, retail, restaurants, offices, and condominiums and cooperatives.

Acquisitions and Sales

We counsel clients in the acquisition and sale of all asset classes of commercial real estate. Our lawyers are known for developing practical legal solutions that help clients realize hidden value. From a building acquisition to the sale of a shopping center, you can rely on our ability to effectively structure and close even the most complex transactions.

Commercial Leasing

Leasing is a unique area of real estate in that it must provide a framework for the ongoing relationship between the landlord and tenant. Our team has experience not only drafting and negotiating commercial leases but providing legal services once the lease relationship is in effect, such as preparing renewals and amendments and interpreting existing lease provisions in the event of a dispute.

Real Estate Finance

We represent a wide array of institutional and private lenders and borrowers in tradition, construction and alternative financing. Daniels O’Connell PC is a one-stop shop for financing transactions, offering a deep understanding of the intricacies of the process from commitment to closing.